Here are a sampling of radio commercials and air checks of other St. Louis stations that aired in the 1970's. Obviously, these didn't air on WTPC, but are what we all heard when listening to other stations. These are principally from the '72 to '78 era. These were chosen for sounding so dated, or just for the nostalgia.


Tom Boy Supermarkets A favorite of Jim Thurman and Rob Hummel, this commercial sounded politically incorrect in 1976! "Are you a Tom Boy girl?"

KSHE Aircheck 1971 1:40 KSHE was the definitive laid back FM radio station in St. Louis in the 70s. This excerpt includes an ad for a "head shop" that is an unbelievable artifact of 70s rock and roll lifestyle.

KSHE Aircheck May 1974 2:48 Another sample of KSHE, this time from the Spring of 1974.

KADI Aircheck May 1974 5:14 Another Air Check from May of 1974. KADI's format fit somewhere between KSHE and KSLQ. But again, some more definitive laid back 70s FM radio sound!

"Mason Lee Dixon, on the big six thirty!" 6:04 This is an air check of disk jockey Mason Lee Dixon from May of 1974. Mason had the 6:00pm to 10:00pm time slot on KXOK- AM630, St. Louis.

CMC Stereo Centers Are you looking for an 8 track under dash stereo? How about turntables at half price? I don't know about you, but this one, from December of 1976, sends us right back to the middle of the 70s

AMC Gremlin Ed McMann voices this commercial for the AMC Gremlin. KSLQ's Young Bobby Day voices the tag line. CMC, AMC, a coincidence?

WehmuellerJewelers Anyone listening to St. Louis commercial radio in the 1970s heard a commercial like this.

Star Wars "Don't be startled..." This is "Spot 2" from the first Star Wars radio campaign that aired nationally in May of 1977.

Star Wars "There is nothing new under the Sun..." This is "Spot 5" from the same radio campaign.

What in the world happened today? This PSA series was played on WTPC for a few years. Describing historical events that happened on each day, wrapped around a NAVY recruitment ad.

NorthWest Plaza This advertises the large shopping mall in St. Louis.

Loves Baby Soft Yeah, this one's definitely from the '70s.

Juicy Fruit "The gum with the fascinating flavor"

"Steaks, done to a turn" Now unfortunately, this spot, extracted from a Hummel air check at KSLQ, is telescoped so that we never actually hear what product is being advertised. However, it sounds so 70s we still had to include it here.

"I'd like to buy the world a Coke..." A signature ad from the 70s. First aired Christmas 1971, and then was repeated for a few subsequent seasons.

"I'm a Pepper, your a Pepper..." Another uniquely 70s ad for Dr. Pepper.

Army Commercial 1977

Pan Am Makes the Going Great! From Pan American's ad campaign from 1971.

Pan Am Makes the Going Great! Spot #2

Pan Am Makes the Going Great! Spot #3

Pan Am Makes the Going Great! Spot #4

Pan Am Makes the Going Great! Spot #5

Pan Am Makes the Going Great! Spot #6