WTPC-FM Your Rock Over The River

These audio clips are all station promos, show IDs, interstitials and assorted production work created by the members of the station. Most of which was created somewhere between 12:00 and 3:00am. Many of the "ads" were fake, and spoofed advertisments of the era. Drag your mouse over the "Production" logo above to see the production recording media of choice.

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The Story Lady Sign Off 1:01 Every night, WTPC was required by law to sign off the air and state certain FCC required information. What the FCC didn't specify was precisely how the information was delivered. This was Jim Thurman's way of tucking everyone into bed after a long day.

President Andrews calls in for free tickets 0:43 The President of the College, David K. Andrews ("Deke"), actually called into Robb Moretti's show to win some tickets. In this clip, you'll hear it was turned into a promo by Vance Martin for the station. That's Vance on the closing voiceover. This aired in the Fall of '76.

1st WTPC Week Promo #1 0:27 This is a promo by Jim Thurman from the first WTPC Week contest held in the Spring of 1975.

1st WTPC Week Promo #2 0:33 In this promo Jim Thurman decided to leave in the studio banter before and after the cut (that faint other voice you can hear is Rob Hummel).

1st WTPC Week "A Winner An Hour!" 0:27 Played after a listener's name was read over the air; by Jim Thurman.

WTPC Eye in the Sky Traffic Report 1:39 This mock helicopter traffic report was aired one morning in the Winter of 1976 on The Thurman On The Mount, with the premise that as a public service WTPC would start reporting the traffic on the nearby River Road.

Capt. & Tennile Promo 0:56 A promo by Robb Moretti for the third annual WTPC Week held in the Spring of 1977, where listeners could win tickets to a Captain and Tennile Concert.

The High Costs of College PSA Rob Hummel produced this public service announcement (PSA) after interviewing then Dean of the College, Ken Johnston.

Station promo by P. J. Goodrich

WTPC Week Flowers Promo 1976 By Rob Hummel

Sheaf promo 00:14 A brief promo by P.J. Goodrich for back copies on sale of the College Yearbook, "The Sheaf."

Principia Football Promo 0:34 This is a 1976 promo Robb created for WTPC's broadcasts of Principia College football.

Intro to Principia College Football broadcast 0:39 The opening of a football broadcast from Fall of 1976.

Prin Football Promo ("Don McKenzie...") 0:22 Another Promo by Robb Moretti; this one incorporating a fabulous excerpt from one of his broadcasts!

The Third Annual WTPC Week! By Jim Thurman

News promo 0:18 In this promo created by Robb Moretti, you can hear the voices of Vance Martin, Rick Leopold, and P.J.Goodrich.

Jim Thurman: Rob Hummel Farewell 7:39 This piece was put together by Jim Thurman and played on his last show in the Spring of 1976. It's unabashedly sentimental, but was an incredible piece put together for a friend. A highlight at the end of the recording is Jim's reading off a list of the WTPC staff from the previous four years.

Alton John 0:57 This "fake Ad" actually promotes a group that had formed at Principia in 1971 (Alton, Illinois is a short distance from the college). The group is rumored to have premiered in the Gentleman's rest room in the student center. The guy singing and playing in the clip, Greg Smith, also was known as "Turk" or "Turkey." Greg does most of the voiceover in this clip, as well as playing the guitar and singing. The track under the voiceover sounds like clips edited from songs he recorded, but in fact was done in one take. He played and sang a bit from one song, then abruptly jumped to playing a bit from another song, and then the next, so we didn't have to edit anything. Then we played it back while he and a guy with a bad fake English accent did the voiceover.

Elsah Dragway 0:43 A great spoof of raceway ads from the 60s, 70s, 80s, ... From 1970/71 (approximately). Can anyone identify the voices here?

Win The Bomb Contest! 0:34 Jim Thurman Voices this promo for a contest that bombed.

Capt. Salty's Elsah Seaquarium 0:27 In a grand tradition of 'fake ads" on WTPC, Jim Thurman produced this spot.

Presidential Election Coverage 0:33 A promo by Robb Moretti from the 1976 Presidential Election Campaign.


WTPC Lineup Promo 0:33 Barry Wightman created this promo for the entire station lineup; there's a mystery voice on this promo that we've yet to identify.

Jim Thurman Promo 0:24 Barry Wightman created this promo for Jim Thurman's show that aired in the Fall of 1974. Is that Peter Crabbe saying "Farrr Out!" in there?

Kim Browning Show ID

Rob Hummel "Groovin!..." Show ID

The Robb Moretti Show

The Barry Wightman Show

Thurman on the Mount ID ("Hi Folks...") Rob Hummel voiced this promo for Jim Thurman.

Lou Palmer and Dave Wrightsman Show Promo Produced by Barry Wightman.

John Hanson Sunday AM ID As you can see from the schedules from the Principia Pilot listed in Articles & Ads, John hosted a classical music program on Sunday mornings. This was voiced by Rob Hummel.

Dr. Vibes!!! 0:26 This spooky promo was created by Barry Wightman for Kurt Holtz (Dr. Vibes was Kurt's on air moniker).

Dave Pinkham Show Promo Produced by Barry Wightman.

"...come fly with Rob."0:27 For the first two and a half years or so at WTPC, Rob Hummel used to call his show "Retrospection" (thank you Debbie Farnsworth). Barry Wightman created this laid back promo for the show that aired in the Fall of '74.


Top of the Hour ID Voiced by Jim Thurman, this was played at the top of the hour to formally identify the station as "WTPC, Elsah".

FM Radio Elsah Jim Redington voiced this unique interstitial ID.

"Smooth Sailing..." 0:16 This promo created by Barry Wightman was an interesting use of an ID that was part of the album "The Who Sell Out". Since Barry didn't keep up with our extortion demands, we had no choice but to feature this bit of production here.

WTPC is 89.7 FM! By Jim Thurman.

Jim Thurman "Bottom ID" A version of WTPC's Bottom of the hour ID voiced by Jim Thurman.

"Listen we think we have found you..." Rob Hummel borrowed from the Moody Blues to create this Station ID..