What will happen when you click: Depending on your connection speed to the internet, the sound will take a few moments to load, or play almost instantly. The clips will play in a window at the bottom of your screen. You will initially see a QuickTime logo for a moment, and then you'll see a graphic "thermometer" indicating how fast the clip is loading.

With a Cable Modem or DSL connection, there is effectively no waiting. If you're connecting with a 56K modem or slower, the clips will take a few moments to load to your computer before they start playing. In fact, with slow connections, the clip may start playing, and quickly catch up with the data being downloaded, and then stop playing. Should this happen, watch the QuickTime 'thermometer" to see how much of the clip has downloaded; as soon as it looks to have enough lead on the playback marker, click the play button again and it should playback fine.

Viewing the site: The site is best viewed with a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768. If you are viewing with a screen resolution of 800x600, we recommend you collapse the toolbars on your browser to give you more viewing real estate.