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Who knew a T-Shirt could last this long in an old file box?

WTPC Communications Complex This Spring '74 photo of Jim Thurman and Rob Hummel was taken when they visited the offices of St. Louis radio station KXOK, to meet with disk jockey Mason Lee Dixon. The photo was then used in the Principia Pilot the following fall in an article about WTPC. It was captioned "Jim Thurman and Rob Hummel, stand in front of the WTPC Communications Complex, located in downtown Elsah."

1973 Studio Expansion Diagram This document was used in 1973 when the student management of the station proposed to expand the capabilities of the station.

Photo of Main Studio, Winter 1973

Scully Tape Deck The Scully was a workhorse of the station. This is photo of the same model used at WTPC in the '70s.

Wiring Diagram This is one of the many wiring diagrams created to document how the studios were constructed. This document relates to the Production Studio.

Caught in the act! Rob Hummel always said he figured out a way to start his own radio station.

Hummel in Studio From the 1976 college catalog. Principia wisely recognised that WTPC had potential of attracting new students. However, the choice of Hummel's photo may have mitigated the attraction!