Here you'll find samplings of audio clips from actual individual shows as aired on WTPC during the 1970's. Click on any of the people you would like to hear, and you'll be taken to a page with a sampling of their material. There's also a selection of Sports Air Checks as well.


Jim Thurman

Rob Hummel

Robb Moretti

Barry Wightman

Peter Crabbe

Jeff Robertson

Chuck Bauer

Patti Allen

Brad Barnett Race Brandt
Len Davis
Kim Browning
Debbie Farnsworth Ken Gibson
P. J. Goodrich John Hanson
Thea Harris
Chip Helgeson
Hap Holly Kurt Holtz

Andy Kehe

Butch Leitz

Jim Lindeman

Rick Leopold

Dave Lovegren

Bob MacDonald
Vance Martin Gigi McGrath
Eric Olsen Wendy Orr
Lou Palmer Dave Pinkam
Jim Redington Don Rheem
Steve Romaine Carol Skalany
Chris Stephens
Ryder Stevens
Randy Thierman Phil Webster